Saturday, January 17, 2009

You're as Cold as Ice...

For those of you not in the local area, we have been hit with some cold weather lately. On my way to work yesterday morning it was negative 12 degrees. That is without the wind-chill. I thought I was a bad-ass and parked in "the pit." The pit is the municipal lot of Brown's stadium...pretty much. Anyways, my walk was about 5 minutes to the justice center. I had no hat. By the time I reached the building I thought that I had frostbite on both ears. Also, and this is the first time I have ever felt this, I got a "ice-cream headache" from the cold weather. Weird.

Our house, on the other hand, is so damn hot that I feel like I'm sitting in a schvitz.

For more info on our local Schvitz go here. Apparently this place is fairly well known around these parts. Sounds like an interesting place. Not sure of the company I would bring to a place like this. Anyways, back to baby stuff.

So yeah, it is cold. We had to take Jack and Riley to the Dr. today (don't ask) and this is the get up we had them in pre-flight. We also gave them some hats.

Here is a glimpse of the frozen tundra that is our front yard.

And one of Riley.

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