Sunday, February 22, 2009

7 Months Tomorrow

Here is a video from today. Not the most exciting video in the world. Sometimes babies just need to act like babies I guess. Crazy that they are 7 months tomorrow (or really today as I write this), Jack is somewhere in the 15 lb range (high end I think) and Riley is nearing 14 lbs. They are tiny and feisty.

Some people are quick to to nay-say the White Stripes performance from the other night. Yeah, it might not be their best, but even their worst is better than most. At least it is genuine/authentic. Whatever that means. I guess it means it sounded like a performance. It is a little bit of a sleeper though.

Back to baby news. I saw Jack take a toy out of Riley's hands today and it looked deliberate. Could be the start of a long and vicious toy war to come.

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