Sunday, July 26, 2009

Today's Musical Education

Jack and Riley get a healthy dose of music every time I feed them. Unfortunately I think most of the music I play for them probably freaks them out. Animals comes to mind, as does Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. Another poor choice of late was Remain in Light. Those were hard albums for them to digest. They are going to be such jaded teenagers.

Today's album, Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust.

In other "news," I'm looking to buy something like the outfit below for Riley. The season is fast approaching. I think I'm going to take Jack up to training camp sometime in early August. Hopefully D.A. doesn't throw a bad pass into the crowd and smack Jack in the face. That happened to some little girl last time I visited camp.

Jack and Riley will both clap on command. Sometimes. Kind of a cool trick. Though it is time for a few new ones.

Sometimes when they burp in your face it stinks real bad. That is new. Part of growing older I guess.

Other news...Jack and I like to play "Elevator Mineshaft Disaster." It is essentially a game we made up where I hold him, count to three, and pretend to drop him. Kind of like a mini Demondrop. It always gets a laugh. "Elevator Minshaft Disaster, Commence! 3-2-1- Drop, Repeat...over and over...

And, Sorry Jen, but I thought this was funny. Besides, I know you are one of the few that go to this site.

I See Dead People

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Margaret said...

I'm sure Rachael's a big fan of Elevator Mineshaft Disaster. Yeah, pretending to drop a baby has always been a hit in my house :) Of course George and Mark think it's hilarious.