Saturday, February 20, 2010

Have One on Me

I know, long time, no update. And now I'm up at 4:50 in the morning with nothing better to do. It's hard to find time to update this thing sometimes. It is also hard to get any good photos/video in the winter. I'm so tired of "playroom" baby pics. These kids need some fresh air.

One thing we get often (oddly) is the question, "are they identical?" Of course we laugh at this considering anatomically they are quite different. But as I'm going through these photos I catch myself confusing the two.

Here is an example. The photo below shows them side by side in about the same pose.

They do look very much a like. And then go to the second photo. Whenever Riley is in one of Jack's outfits, I mistake her for Jack.

Riley (not Jack)

Other Photos Non Related to Baby Confusion

And now, do yourself a favor and listen:

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