Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Hold Steady

Elijah pretty much held steady today. Not too much to report. They fed him more regularly today (all feeds) and I think it wiped him out. Not sure if he is ready for that yet. He averaged about 25cc a feed. 25 short as needed. Not a race. He was doing a little bit of dipping after the last feed so he needs his rest today. Up in weight. Something like 5 lbs 11 oz? Not sure really. Give me a break, I have three kids to keep track of.

Sorry no photos. The first time around I was obsessed with taking photos. Now, I'm not as much of a fan. Third baby syndrome? I guess we never really look back on the NICU photos anyways. So what's the point? If he does something super cool I will be sure to capture it.

Now you would think I would post a video here by The Hold Steady, but I'm not that big of a fan really, so I'll go random on this one. How about some Dad Rock?

Ryan Adams, Goodnight Rose

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