Thursday, July 28, 2011

Take a Bottle, Take it Down (Redux)

I'm totally out of new material from the first go around. So I was left with no choice but to go with the throwback post this morning to announce the exciting news that Elijah took his whole bottle last night. That's 50cc. He is still working on the breathing while eating thing, but the fact that he has the muscle strength in his mouth to do this is another indication of how little he was impacted by the mg. Only 2.5 wks into his life and he appears to be mg free. Rachael's treatments throughout this pregnancy made a tremendous difference.

I will keep my estimated departure time the same. Sometime in the middle of August. He still has to take his bottle during all feeds and do it while breathing. Once he does that, he will be good to go. Also, only one "spell" in the last 24 hours and those are self-correcting anyways.

Crazy Mary, Pearl Jam

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