Monday, December 8, 2008

Date with IKEA

Jack went to the ENT today, and good news, it seems that his hearing problem is all based on fluid in the ears. The ENT will look at his ears in about 6 weeks to see how they are doing if any of the fluid is draining on its own. If it isn't draining on its own, I imagine they will put tubes in his ears to drain the fluid.

In other Jack news, he gets his cast off on Wednesday. Pretty cool, though it will be a pain to put him in his brace constantly.

Date w/IKEA (Pavement)

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Margaret said...

Great news about Jack! Hope you're all doing well. Are you taking post requests? I'd like a post about how the animals are adjusting. Willis, Sequoia and Hank . . . the possibilities are limitless. Then I'd like a clip from Different Strokes or some kind of Bukowski reference.