Saturday, December 6, 2008

Running Free

All is good in baby world. The biggest concern Rachael and I have of late is Riley's feeding. She can be really fussy and difficult during her feeding and it is difficult to get her the sustenance she requires to gain weight. Jack, on the other hand, has zero problems feeding and living. He gets his cast off next week, I believe, and I think he goes to the ENT doctor next week as well. Once he gets his cast off he will have to wear the brace full time for about 3 months, then every night after that for a few years. Sucks, but if he wants to walk in a straight line, thems the breaks. As far as his fingers go, he is getting hooked up with some OT doctor to tell us the therapy needed to stretch out his joints and loosen the fingers up. Other than that, all is good for now. And Jack's eye gook has cleared up quite nicely.

Running Free (No irony here, anyone who knows me should know that)

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