Friday, November 21, 2008

Hearing Test and Photos

Too Much Flash?

The kids and I are hanging today. I took the day off to take Jack to his audiologist appointment at the Cleveland Clinic. The results were pretty good. Although Jack has some hearing loss, it is in the mild range (can't hear whispers, but hears normal conversation level and up) and the part of the ear where the loss is associated with is an area that is typically correctable (95%). Next stop for Jack is a ENT Doctor. We are still hopeful that it is fluid in the ear. Overall Rachael and I are very happy with how today went for Jack.

Anyway, Jack, Riley and I are just jamming to The Carter III, Lil Wayne style. I really love that album for some odd reason.

Lil Wayne, Mr. Carter

Lil Wayne, 3 Peat

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Margaret said...

Great news! Glad to hear that Jack is doing better all the time. What a kid.