Sunday, November 2, 2008

Here's Johnny (Jack)

As you can tell from the photos, Jack made it home yesterday. So far everything has been good. He has a monitor like Riley. We keep his monitor on about half the time during the day, and always when he is sleeping at night. The monitor has gone off a few times, but no more than a few beeps here and there. Nothing to get either one of us that worked up. He was a little pale today for a while, which kind of freaked us out, but he fell asleep and woke up with some color. He is a pasty guy to begin with, so who knows what that was all about.

I was wondering how many beeps Jack had in total at the NICU. It has to be in the thousands. And then when you add up the times he was bagged and all the moments that he was on thin ice, you can only imagine how happy Rachael and I are to have him home. Never in a million years would we have guessed he would be home so "soon." He is so much stronger now than he used to be.

Leaving the NICU was cool. Rachael brought in a cake, and a lot of the nurses signed Jack's cast. We are very grateful and forever in debt to those nurses that kept Jack alive for his 101 day visit. And that's no bullshit. Those nurses saved his life on multiple occasions, and it isn't like they get a bonus check for each save. I'm sure Jack sent a few of those nurse to the bottle following their shift. I know it's their job and all, but I hope they get paid well for doing it.

So, yeah, Jack is sleeping with Rachael right now, and Riley and I are staying up late watching the Shining. Hopefully tonight will be easier than last night.

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Kara said...

your family is beautiful. you can feel the happiness coming fom the family photo on the porch. we are so happy your babies are home with you!

kara jason connnor & lauren