Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Photos

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Holly GoLightly said...

Hey guys!! I am thinking of you often!! It was so good to see you guys at Kims, now its time for me to see the kraft singles again. Love the pictures. They are getting do big and they are so dang cute! One so Rach and one so Brian..can you guess which one! :) Are ya'll coming this way for turkey day? I would love to be able to see all four of you. I know not with my carrier monkies, so maybe we can get a family memeber to watch them and we can say hey. Let me know!! Love you all. Sorry havent commented in a while...being a sinle mom sucks and Justin doesnt get home til the night before thanksgiving!! Oh well. Im gonna rent a husband i think!! :) talk soon. Text me anytime, thats the only way i can really communicate, as you know by now, the phone and being a parent, just get annoying, well, you will find out soon enough what im talking about. Okay now im just rambling, I dont get to talk to anyone over the age of 3 anymore...later tators!! if you ever need a break you can always leave the kiddos here with me, no problem!!