Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Passenger

So a few things, I guess, first, Rachael and I are CONSIDERING joining the mini-van nation. I remember when I lived in Hilton Head and everybody that found out I was from Ohio laughed and asked if I owned a mini-van. Well pretty soon I might assholes! We are currently looking at the Toyota Sienna, possibly from 2002 or 2003. With a big dog, two babies, a huge stroller and a pack n' play, it becomes difficult to travel with the new family line up. We will see if we go through with it, but it is something we are considering.

In music news, I can't believe that I never came across Iggy Pop's album, The Idiot. Considering I think Bowie is one of the greatest to walk the earth, you would think I would be privy to all his dealings, especially from the Berlin era. Anyways I had no idea that China Girl originally appeared on The Idiot in 1977. I also learned that Bowie released it later and made it a hit in order to get Iggy some money from half the song writing royalties. Thank you Wikkipedia, I will continue to believe everything I read on your site. I don't care what the critics say.

So yeah, I have been listening to The Idiot a lot today.

In non-music news, the Browns suck, need to fire Romeo and hire Cowher. What a disgrace. Unbelievably believable...every time with these guys.

Finally, Baby news, Jack and Riley had a good day, slept a lot of the day, and hung out with Grandma Kraft. I swear they both have become more focused on the world lately. They are becoming more human every day. And they are both an easy smile lately. Jack likes it when I turn into the PCP-Gorilla and beat my chest unmercifully. It gets him every time.

Iggy, China Girl

And a Non-Idiot Cut, but rad anyways...Iggy, The Passenger

Finally, I have to add that this one is a great song. The band is Land of Talk, the song is Some are Lakes. I hear this song a lot on what used to be Left of Center.

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