Thursday, October 23, 2008

3 Months Old...

Jack and Riley turned 3 months old yesterday. I would tell you if they are meeting their milestones, but I haven't looked into it. I guess Jack's first milestone will be leaving the that regard he took 25 cc today without any problems. But Brian, you think to yourself, isn't 25 cc even less than an ounce? Why yes it is, but when you have a baby that has a borderline oral aversion and has never really fed from a bottle, I would say it is quite the step. So yeah, Jack is making, dare I say it...progress! Though slow, he is making his way to the part of the tunnel where one could possibly see light. Come on Jack, it really has been too is starting to bug me a little.

Riley is living the life. No problems with her, just catching up for lost time.

I am trying to update this blog as frequently as usual, but between putting criminals in prison, taking care of Riley, and nightly visits to the NICU, I am a man with little time. And what makes it more difficult is that the time that I have is generally time spent with only one free arm. So I will continue to do my best to update this blog on a daily basis.

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Margaret said...

the one-handed typing . . . ah, life with a baby. So glad to hear about Jack's feeding and that Riley is great!