Thursday, October 2, 2008

T Minus X and Counting

The good news of the day is that Riley still has a chance of coming home next week. The doctor didn't force the tube on her and is still giving her a shot. She gained a few grams last night, and is doing good. They increased her calories to a 30 calorie formula up from 28 calorie(a normal formula is about 20 calorie) and is hopeful she will be able to sustain herself on her own. As long as she continues to feed well, and hopefully better, and gains some weight, the doctor told me that he is trying to get her out the door next week. Of course, like all things NICU, this is subject to change. We are hopeful, but keeping it all in perspective.

Bad news, Jack is still struggling today. I talked to the doctor this morning and raised our concerns about the Mestonin increase. At first he wanted Jack to ride out the 5 mg Mestonin throughout the weekend, but changed his mind and reduced it back to the 2.5 mg dose. We will see if it helps cut down his secretions like Rachael and I hope. We want Jack to stop puking and having difficulties with his damn secretions. That is what we are most concerned with.

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