Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another Day, Another Impending Surgery

The news of the day is that Jack now has a cast back on his leg and the doctor is planning to operate on his club-foot in about 4 weeks. So much for the whole "it's not a club foot" piece of bull we were fed about a month ago. And so much for the one break Jack caught in his young life so far, the possible non-surgery/no-casting of his little foot. Whatever...

Jack is off the ventilator now. That is good. He isn't full strength yet, but is doing okay. He was dipping a little today, which sucks, but we are hoping that will go away over the next few days. He has been able to tolerate his feeding thus far which is a change.

Riley is doing good. Gone are the days when she would take 70 cc a feed. Now she regularly takes 100-120 a time. Little porker, little porker...We spend our nights on the couch together watching tv and listening to music. We have her first doctor appointment on Monday. Hopefully we like the doctor, because we have realized how important it is to have a doctor that you can trust and have confidence in.

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