Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jack's Surgery (The Kid is Alright)

Jack had his surgery today at about 10:30. Rachael and I got to the hospital around 8:30 and hung out with the little man for a while. The pastor came and did the baptism for Jack. Not exactly how we imagined Jack would be baptized, but we will do it over, or get his baptism affirmed, at another date with his sister. It is kind of a bummer to have your baby baptized in the hospital, but it was still nice for Jack to have a special moment.

At about 10:00 they put Jack on a ventilator for his surgery. This too sucks, because they have to jam a tube down his throat. Once the tube was placed we all wheeled Jack down to the first floor for the surgery. Rachael and I sat in the waiting room and suffered through an episode of the View. Wow. That show really isn't meant for a 31 your old male's viewing pleasure...painful. After about an hour and a half the doc came out and told his that Jack did a good job. The surgery went well and Jack didn't have any problems.

Rachael and I then went to see Jack. He has three little incisions. He has one on his belly button where the camera went into his belly, one about an inch above the belly button (3 mm wide) and another that is an additional inch higher and of the same size.

As of 7:00 p.m. Jack is still on the ventilator. Although he has come out of his sleep for brief moments, he still hasn't been wide awake yet. Once he is wide awake they will remove the vent and see how he does on his own again. Hopefully that moment will come sooner than later, but like all things NICU there is never a definite time table.

We are hoping this is the corner for Jack. Hopefully with his new stomach in working order he will be able to keep his food down and start bottle feeding. We will see.

Riley is doing well. We are finding out so much about her lately. Apparently her hobbies include eating, sleeping, pooping, and crying. Who knew?

The Kids Are Alright

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Margaret said...

Glad to hear Jack's surgery went well! What a little trooper that kid is. Lots of love, mmz