Monday, October 13, 2008

Jack Man (Impending Surgery)

Jack is scheduled for surgery on Wednesday morning at 10:30. Turns out he has Pyloric Stenosis I really wish little man Jack could catch a break. Doesn't seem like he has caught one yet. The operation should only take about a half and hour but they will have to put him under and he will be on a ventilator during the procedure. He will also likely be on the ventilator for about a day or two following the operation. Rachael and I really do not want to see him on a ventilator for the obvious psychological reasons. His recovery should be fairly quick though, a few days or so...Also, once he has the operation we are hopeful that he can start getting on track towards bottle feeding.

In other news, Jack has become addicted to his pacifier. So much for the thought that he has and oral aversion, he acts more like he has an oral fixation lately. This makes his parents very happy.

Will keep you posted with all the details of what will for sure be a crazy week.

GBV, Surgical Focus

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Jennifer C said...

It's hard to think of all that Jack's been through in his life so far. The thought of him having surgery on top of everything else just plain sucks. But what a relief for him to finally have his stomach issues corrected. Ultimately, he'll be in a much better place as a result. I, along with everyone else who reads the blog, will be praying for his speedy recovery. Everyday he is one step closer to coming home. We love you baby Jack!