Monday, July 7, 2008

33 Weeks and 2 days...

Rachael and I spent another glorious day at Fairview Hospital yesterday. I think we can both agree that it is really annoying, even if necessary. They hooked her up to all the monitors and had her lay there for about six hours. They shot her up with a bunch of drugs that had little to no effect and then claimed they calmed the contractions and let her go home. So far the contractions aren't doing much, so I think she will make it past 34 weeks.

Got our co-sleeper in the mail today. That rules, I guess. Never thought co-sleepers would "rule," but I guess they do. Easy to set up and doubles as a pack n play.

On another note, the new Beck album came out. Good album, I typically force feed music on Rachael now that I have a captive listener. Another one that I have been pushing lately is M83, Saturday=Youth. The whole album reminds me of, and you will read this in about every review of the album, every 80's movie you have ever seen.

graveyard girl, M83

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