Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 2

Yesterday was quite a day. I will tell it from my perspective. Rachael can tell it from hers some other time.

I guess I should begin on Monday night. On that night, like most, I was sitting by Rachael's (our) bed and was looking through my blackberry pearl calender. I bought this phone on ebay a few months back. When I received the phone the memory wasn't wiped. In fact Rachael and I had a great time looking at the previous owner's photos. Anyways, apparently that owner also listed several important dates on his calendar. Most of these important dates were birthdays. Dad's birthday, Regan's birthday, etc...So anyways, I was looking through the calender trying to predict a day when the twins would be born when I noticed an event was already plugged in for July 22nd. When I looked at the date for the 22nd of July the previous owner had programmed this day as "Twins B-Day." Also, and even more odd, the listed time for the "Twins B-Day" was between 3:00 and 3:30. When Rachael and I discovered this we both thought it was pretty messed up. I guess Rachael wasn't too pleased with the thought of having twins on our anniversary date.

I went to work as usual on Tuesday morning struggling to determine what gift I should buy for Rachael on our anniversary. I got as far a lunch without a gift in mind and time was running out. While I was at lunch with Uncle Adam, we discussed potential gifts for Rachael when I received a phone call. It was Rachael. She told me that I better come to the hospital and that they were going to deliver the babies. I finished my pizza, went back to work for a while, and made my way to Fairview Hospital. I really wasn't in that big of a hurry, thinking I had some time. I guess I didn't have much time because when I got to the hospital they immediately told me to get dressed into my scrubs. I got dressed, they took Rachael down the hall, and I remained seated in a room by myself for about a half hour until it was go time.

I was escorted down the hall where Rachael and a team of doctors were all ready for the c-section. I sat with Rachael's upper half concealed behind a curtain. At about the time I took my seat I heard a large splash and saw a nurse move her feet real quick. Rachael put on a brave face, and in a matter of moments I heard one of the doctors say something like "here comes baldy," and our son Jack Dylan Kraft was born at 3:18, weighing 5 lbs 12 oz. One minute later Riley Lynn Kraft was born at 3:19, weighing 4 lbs 3 oz. Pretty cool. Both babies began crying in unison. It sounded like they were harmonizing. We saw our babies, they sewed up Rachael, and then they took her to recovery for about an hour and a half. I came out and told the gathering of relatives the good news...

Turns out both are doing well. They are both in NICU for now. Riley, the small one, seems to be doing better than Jack. She is in the NICU until she can start sucking from a bottle, which she is close to doing. She already sucks her thumb. Jack is also doing pretty good. He has a mask right now to help him with his breathing. They aren't giving him oxygen, just forcing the room air into his lungs. The doctor told us they should both be able to come home early next week. Jack has a club foot which they may cast to straighten out. The only other concern at this moment is their fingers may need some therapy to straighten out...but we are waiting to speak with the orthopedic surgeon about that one. Not really concerned about it.

The photos above are mainly of Riley. I don't have a lot of Jack, because he is hard to see with all the head gear he has on at the moment. I got the two photos of him above before they put the oxygen mask on him. I will have more of him soon.

This was really rushed, and I'm sure I forgot a lot of details. Hope it makes sense, because I don't have time to look it over. I have to get back to my wife and two kids.

Needless to say Rachael and I are very happy.


Liza B said...

Oh they are so precious! Congratulations to you both! I have to say I think they look like Brian (sorry Rachel):) You have a lovely family, and Brian better watch out because they may look like him now but the Cornett genes are strong, I know.
I hope the recovery and hospital stay go quickly and uneventfully. Aren't babies such a nice way to start people?

HollyGoLightly said...

They are such cute peanuts!! I can't wait see all of you guys and hold those precious little Kraft singles!! I cant express to you both how happy I am for you two. You are in for such a wonderful ride my friends. We are here for you whenever you need us. Way to go Rachael, so proud of you. We love you all so much. Aidan was so excited so hear the news, he actually said, and I am quoting.."Really mom, they are here. That is so beautiful and wonderful. I am so happy. Now can we go to Burger King?" See you soon.

sammy said...

Jack and Riley are absolutely adorable!! Congratulations to both you and Rachael!! Can't wait to meet them.

Margaret said...

Mark and I are overflowing with love for you guys! Welcome to the next club in life: parenthood. Congratulations.