Tuesday, July 15, 2008

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Well, I tried my hardest to find a smart and snappy photo to accompany this here blog entry (see above google search captioned in the headline), but came up empty. I came up with a number of strange photos though, including one that seemed to suggest that blondes (spell check tells me this is an incorrect spelling, makes me nervous, but I'm going with it) actually do have more fun. Lame joke. Where's the laugh track? I think I'm making myself embarrassed, I can't imagine how you feel...

So Rachael is back at home, in her familiar confines, sans bedpan and feeling good. There is nothing to complain about. Rachael and I both feel blessed (never used that word before) that she has been able to carry these babies into the middle of the 34th week. All kidding aside, she has done a great job and is truly amazing.

Now. Pause. breathe. Let the sentimental moment take hold.

This is the band that I want to leave Rachael abandoned and bedridden to see tomorrow night at the Grog. I wish I was heartless enough to do it.


I have wanted to see this band for years. Sacrifice.


Jason said...

Your blog is more like a Sex and the City episode.

"Dear Diary, I really love cake, blah blah blah. Rachael is preggers, OMG!"

We look forward to some real news soon!


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Margaret said...

One of the many easy sacrifices you've had to make for the babies and Rachael, I'm sure. Every sacrifice seems more and more like a blessing (that word again . . .). We had single friends visit who were traveling with no attachments, no kids, no dogs, no worries and with money (!) and Mark and I felt no desire for their lives. Who would have thought that naps and poop would win! Babies rule. We love you! Keep blogging.

Liza B said...

I am so excited for you both! I am so inspired by your strength for making it this far. I would have had a meltdown by now-(Wait- I did three times, but I was only carring one baby,I don't know how you've done it!) I am praying everything goes well and smooth in the delivery and recovery. You just don't know how amazing it really is until you gaze into the eyes of something you've created, and you realize how important your life just became to someone so small. I love you all and Can't wait to meet them. (By the way- I love their names!!) We will have to get all our little ones together sometime. Take care.
Love, Liza