Saturday, July 19, 2008

Varsity Blues...

Still quiet. Rachael is sleeping. She told me last night that the Doctor stated she could go 37-38 weeks. 38 weeks? I don't think she is too thrilled about that. wow.

Watching Varsity Blues and thinking how Jack is going to be one hell of a football player someday. If he is born soon we can check out training camp together and leave the ladies home. Jack is also going to be a good luck charm for the great city of Cleveland this season (11-5). We will watch all the Browns games together. Too bad he will watch them go to the Superbowl during his first year. He may never truly appreciate what it means to be a Browns fan.

And, I really doubt he will go through that awkward Steelers fan phase like his Uncle Jason.

Looking forward to more of this.

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Jason said...

Let's not forget you didn't even like pro football at all until sometime after you graduated high school. The NFL was too mainstream for your rebel tastes in 1994.

Also, here's to Jack being a Michigan fan!