Friday, July 25, 2008

Quck One...

I'm home real quick before I go get some work done. Quick update. Rachael is still at the hospital. She will come home tomorrow morning. The babies will hopefully come home sometime next week. We will see. Riley is doing good with the breathing, but can't breathe and eat at the same time from a bottle yet, though she is getting better. Jack is still doing his, watch me hold my breath trick, once in a while. It is enough to give me a heart attack, but they tell us that it isn't that abnormal for his age and sex. He is doing pretty good though, and the doctor is hopeful they will both come home sometime during the week. Jack also got his cast put on today...poor guy. They had to cast him for his club foot. He opened his eyes today though, which was cool, he has lighter colored eyes than his sister, though we are aware that all changes. I didn't bring my camera home with me, so no photo updates. I promise there will be plenty tomorrow. I have taken a ton of photos. I think I will put a link up here tomorrow that will send you over to some photo website or flow thoughts here, i think as i type...tired, and we both apologize to all the people we haven't spoken with yet, it is hard to speak on the phone, especially since most of our time has been spent with the babies. Thank you for all the text messages and emails and comments etc...Keep you all posted.

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