Monday, July 14, 2008

Got Them Fairview Blues...

Hey, as many of you know, Rachael and I went BACK to the hospital Sunday night. We went in around 9:00 and they immediately started talking c-section. Rachael signed all the consent forms and even signed the form to have poor Jack's foreskin removed. All seemed on target for delivery that night. At last though, it was not meant to be. The doctor decided to push back the labor by giving Rachael some turbutiline. Eventually the contractions subsided, though Rachael dilated to 3 cm. So when the morning came, the Doctor told us they would do an ultrasound, check their weights (Jack is 5.12 and Riley is 4.10) and check their lungs. The lung test never came. The ultrasound went to their liking. Long story short, now it looks like Rachael will be returning home tomorrow morning/afternoon. They were going to keep her in the hospital until she delivered based on the fact that Jack was breech and they were concerned her water would break and something with the chord etc...but the ultrasound revealed that Jack isn't breach anymore and now the risk isn't so high with this whole potential chord issue and as long as Rachael hasn't dilated any further by tomorrow, they will ship her back to 1440 Wayne Ave. Although we both realize this is actually a good thing, and every day they spend inside Rachael is better for them, it is hard not to get a little frustrated with the whole process. Kind of exhausting. Can you believe I'm bitching about exhaustion already? Anyways, Rachael has to pee in a bedpan. I guess you can consider that the highlight of her day. She isn't too thrilled about it.

Well, I'm writing this on my brief reprieve from the hospital. Writing this "blog" makes me feel like Doogie Howser signing off at the end of the show...keep you all posted.


Holly said...

Yo Doogie - you're gay! Justin

Hope ya'll are doing good. Hang in there Rach...sounds like you will be meeting them soon. Keep on blogging Brian, I like to know whats going on!! Love all four of you!! Holly

Jen said...

We are hanging on every word out here in Montana! I love you guys and can't wait to see you and meet your little people. Keep taking care of each other, love jen