Friday, July 18, 2008


All is quiet. Rachael went to the Doctor today for her scheduled visit and nothing has changed. She is standing still at 3 cm. Usually Sunday is her big contraction day. I think having me around over the weekends sends her spiraling. We will see what happens. I wish I had more to write at the moment, but I'm feeling uninspired. Rachael is 35 weeks tomorrow. That's rad. She is coming closer to term every day. I don't think she imagined she would ever get that far.

I will now post the two most cliche youtube videos ever. These videos are old too. One could certainly argue that they are old and lame. I wouldn't argue with you. I dig them though. But hey, I also liked the movie Titanic.

Two Israelis who dig the Pixies. How could you not love it?

Not the greatest band, not the worst either I guess, but fascinating none the less.

Go ahead and make fun. Believe me, I will cut the fat on this site once I have something to actually write about. That isn't a promise.


Jennifer C said...

At first, I was like, why does Brian have two girls in their underwear on the baby blog? Then I watched the video. Making up dances with your friend is something all us girls do growing up. These two take it to a whole new level. Definatley puts my interpratation of "Hungry Like The Wolf" to shame

Margaret said...

I'm very glad right now that the long lost tapes of Eternal Flame where taped over by a Charlie Brown Christmas. We certainly were not that cool.