Saturday, July 12, 2008

34 Weeks

Rachael has finally made it to thirty-four weeks. From this point forward the doctors will not attempt to prevent labor by shooting her up with more medicine. The doctors are apparently satisfied that she has come far enough. It is early in the morning and she is already acting up with fairly regular contractions. It would be great if she goes this weekend so I can get out of my trials for next week and start my six-week "vacation."

I re-discovered Fu Manchu's album The Action is Go today. Good stoner rock album. Just one of the many benefits of signing up with Rhapsody. I used to listen to this album in Missoula a lot, and I think some dope fiend stole it out of my car during one of the many times my car was broken into in that city. In other Missoula news (Jen and Margaret) how crazy is it that Mt. Sentinel was burning?

Hopefully I will have photos to post on here soon that are of more interest. Maybe I will at least get one of Rachael later on...

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Margaret said...

thanks for the shout out! Wishing you the best! Margaret