Wednesday, September 17, 2008

81 Grams!

Rachael and I have slowly become obsessed with weight gain. I think it is because we spend so much time around premature babies (like their 1 and a half pound neighbor). Even though our kids are fairly big for the NICU we still like to see them gain weight. Riley didn't get the message yesterday and lost 14 grams. Big brother Jack on the other hand almost went up to 6 lbs 8 oz. He almost gained 3 oz yesterday.

Today isn't about our babies though. In about 3 hours from now Jason and Kara are having another baby. Will Riley remain the only granddaughter? We will see.

Little Big Man

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Holly GoLightly said...

Looking good!! Congrats to Jason on the birth of his liitle girl..any names yet for her?? Tell him I said congrats!! Give us call guys when ya get a chance. Talk soon. Glad to hear, or read, that things to be somewhat more mellow. Miss ya!!