Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's a Girl

The Newest Kraft

Riley and Jack just got their first female cousin today. Kara and Jason had a girl around 8:00 o'clock this morning. Still no name, but I sent over an extensive list of my favorites. I think this one is going to take after her mommy. Congratulations!

Jack and Riley are in cribs now. They each have their own crib towards the back of the NICU. We have our own little corner of the world. Sunlight actually peeped through the window and we held Riley in its glow for a short while. It is nice to see them in cribs. No photos though, we forgot the camera at home.

One interesting moment came today when a nurse was adjusting the crib, with Jack still in it, and the crib came crashing down. The mattress came down about a foot and poor little jack got a bit of a thrill. Luckily no harm was done, and we chalked it up to just another one of life's struggles for our little man. A sense of humor is so important these days...

Kim and Jessie (just because)

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Jennifer C said...

Congratulations Kara and Jason! She's beautiful.