Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No News

Today was a nothing day. Jack and Riley were the same. A lot of suctioning for Jack. We have been given the green light to start bottle feeding Riley again. That is a plus. Now if she could only get the strength to take the bottle better, which is weird because she isn't a baby that acts like she is missing any strength. We will continue to work with them. Nothing really to report. Sorry it is such a bland post. Some days are meant to be free of news I guess.

Rachael showed me this clip when I got home from work. I didn't know why she was showing me the clip. I wasn't sure if she was goofing on it, or really into it. I watched the clip completely void of emotion and looked at her face and realized she really thought it was cool. At this point I realized my heart is black again. Thanks work!

So consider this youtube video straight from Rachael. (side note, this was our first song back in 1992, time sure does fly)


kim said...

I thought that was going to be the one where the lion turns on the people and ends up mauling them "because it is a wild animal and that's what wild animals do".

I think that one would have been cooler... sorry Ray!
Clearly Brian, my heart is darker than yours

Jennifer C said...

And I am still misty eyed cuz the lion will love them forever. Oh, here comes another tear.........

Margaret said...

As I wipe my lame tears away, I have to say that was a beautiful clip. And I might just call someone from high school - I too slow danced to that song more than once and bawled during the "Body Guard."