Sunday, September 7, 2008

There is a Bird in our Bedroom (Literally)

There is a bird in our bedroom right now and Rachael and I are holed up in the "red room." Apparently our cat thinks it cute to catch not only mice and bring them to us, but now birds. I was just getting some needed zzzzzs when Sequoia came into our room and made the battle call. This was followed by a lot of squeaking. So I got kind of pissed thinking that she brought a live mouse up to our room to kill in front of us. Then I started hearing a sound that I wasn't too familiar with. In between the squeaks I heard a lot of flapping. I thought, could it be a bird? So I jumped out of bed (Rachael hid under the covers), and I gave off the scream of a four year old girl, as I watched a bird fly around our room. This was not a small bird either. It was like the size of a Robin. So Rachael and I have a window open in our room now, and got the cats out of there. Now we are hoping that it flys out the window on its own. Hopefully it doesn't crap all over our bed in the meantime. Damn cats.

This kind of reminds of the time Rachael had a pet bird for a while. She found the bird half dead and brought it into our home in a little plastic container. She tried to nurse it back to life. Of course Sequoia kept attacking it so we had to keep it locked up in our bathroom. You can only imagine how much this pleased me to have a disease ridden filthy bird living in my home, but I tried to remain all smiles. Anyways, on about day 2 of our little bird experience Rachael took it to the pet store with her and asked some random store clerk what she should do to feed the bird. The store clerk took a look at her, took a look at the bird, and sadly informed her that her little bird was dead. She was so sad. She started crying in the store and tried to make a quick exit out the "in-door," dead bird in hand. Her chance for a quick exit was foiled though and she had to make a long walk of shame throughout the whole store in order to reach the proper exit. When she got home and told me the story I couldn't stop laughing. Finally she could laugh about it as well.

UPDATE: The bird whisperer was able to free our little friend. Good job Rachael!

The Culprit

Pretty Bird

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Margaret said...

I remember that bird very well! Ah, Rachael.