Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Scraps

So here are some photos from the other day. I really like Captain Adorable. Makes me feel like he is a baby superhero. He fights crime in the NICU amongst all the dirty thieving babies. What a terrible society they have.

Jack is 6.4 and Butterball is 6.3. No real issues today while we were there. Jack had is usual issues. We walked out today with a woman whose baby is going home tomorrow after a 3 month stay. Good for her.

I bought the new Metallica album today. Mistake? I'm not quite sure yet, but the 10 dollars may have been better spent on a steak and some beer.

I'm getting mentally prepared for great football anguish. I know some of you don't live in Ohio, but this is a pretty big football weekend around these parts. We got OSU tonight (loss) and the Browns tomorrow night (sadly, another loss). Oh well, I will watch anyways.

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