Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Death Magnetic

So I guess I should actually post "baby news" on here as opposed to my previous soggy post. Does the word soggy make sense? Somehow it came to mind so I'm going to run with it. Riley and Jack did fine today. We held them both. The doctor is taking them off the Reglan which they were taking to help their digestion. We are taking them off the Reglan because it seems to have had an opposite effect on them. Once we started the Reglan it seems that their residuals have increased. This isn't an expected result, but nothing is as expected with these two. Rare case. Oh joy. So we will see how they do without the Reglan. They are on a high calorie soy based formula at the moment. We are also going to bottle feed Riley once a day now, though she probably won't want the bottle too much because her belly will always be full. We will see. Jack did well today with his dings, nothing major, typical stuff, he also puked up a lot of his formula which not only smell real bad, but makes you feel bad for the little man. He is just trying to get by afterall.

Now that I have provided some substantive baby news, I can segue into that which keeps me sane, obsessing over music. I knew there was a Metallica album coming out soon but didn't pay it that much mind. I mean they haven't had a good album since And Justice For All, and that was when I was in 7th or 8th grade. I used to wear metal shirts a lot back then. Metallica and Maiden being my favorite. So, I stumbled across "The Day That Never Comes" video which is their first single. I have to say it sounds really good. That's what having Rick Rubin as a producer will do for you instead of that chump Bob Rock, or whatever his name is. Let's hope Metallica can actually release a good album.

The Day That Never Comes, Metallica

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