Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Riley (Yesterday)

Riley (from 8/1/08)

Miss Bean

I wanted to post a photo from last month on here of Riley to see how different she looks today. Her color has certainly changed (not as orange). Her face also has filled out a little. Beyond that she is about the same.

I really have no baby updates. Still in the hospital, still getting bigger, still getting better, still yearning to meet their future friends Hank (currently on vacation), Willis, and Miss Sequoia Bean herself (photo above).

Here are some random clips from movies I have been thinking about lately. You probably only know them if you grew up with HBO.

Saturday the 14th (Randomly thought of this movie the other day)

Midnight Madness Clip (another HBO favorite)

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Holly GoLightly said...

They're getting so big! How great. You will all be home someday and settled into your routine, I know it seems far away, but you are a family whether you are at home or in the NICU. Just think of all the stories you will have to share with them when they get older. And you can tell them that since they made you worry so much right off the bat that they are never, ever to make you guys worry again. I'm happy to see they are doing better everyday. miss ya guys. love and hugs!!