Sunday, September 28, 2008

Take This Tube And Shove It!

Riley ripped her NJ tube out of her little body last night. Apparently she is trying to tell us she has no need for tubes any longer. As of right now they have not put the tube back. Hopefully they will just leave her alone and have her bottle feed exclusively. Last night, following the pulling of the tube, she took 60 cc on both feedings. So she definitely can do it. She lost a lot of weight yesterday, but we expected that to happen with some of these adjustments. She is making her move. Which, of course, only makes us sad for little man Jack. Speaking of Jack, he gained a little weight. I was told that they just tried to bottle feed him, but he wasn't interested and it made his body wretch. This is concerning since we are really trying to prevent him from having any oral aversion. We will continue to work with him and see how it goes. He hasn't had any issues with the heart dips lately which is cool.

Golden Age, TV on the Radio (buy their new album already, one of the best of the year)

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