Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Favorite Things

I thought about naming this post "we are family," but decided I had no interest in posting that youtube video. Instead, and more fitting, I bring you my favorite things. Today was a pretty good day at the NICU. For their 7 week "birthday" we re-introduced Jack and Riley to themselves. It was interesting to see how calm Riley was, while even awake, next to her big brother Jack. And by big-brother, I'm referring to one minute, not the few ounces he has dangling over her head. Having them next to each other is something you can be certain we will do more often. Of course we can't wait until they are always next to one another.

We also got our first family photo today. What a great photo to have. Finally.

Jack and Riley both had good days. They had some more blood drawn in order to check their antibody levels. Jack, as you can see, is still off the nose candy. Though the road may still be long, I feel like we are starting to see the far end of the tunnel. I know they will be home before we know it.

Here are some photos and videos from today.

1st Family Photo (notice Jack holding Riley's hand and we didn't manufacture that)

And here are a few videos



Holly GoLightly said...

I love the family portarit. It's so awesome to see the kids together. I am happy to read that things are getting better. I know it is going to be hard when you get back to work, but everything is going to be fine, I know it. I hope we can get a chance to see them again soon, things are crazy here as usual. Thanks so much for stopping by on saturday. It was nice to see you. I miss you guys!! Love and hugs!!

Jennifer C said...

Great family portrait. How sweet is Jack holding his sister's hand? That's so touching. You should push their beds together so they can hang out all the time. You would if you could. I know they're only a minute apart, but Jack really does seem like the caring older brother when he looks at Riley.

Jennifer C said...

On a side note, Rachael, you look like you did before you got pregnant. Where did all the baby weight go? I realize stress probably has something to do with it, but hey, you still look good!

kim said...

I love those pictures!!!!!!! The two of them together is too much. I love it. They look like, "hey, where the hell have you been hanging out?". Love it. Too freakin' cute.