Friday, September 26, 2008


I spoke with the specialist doctor last night. He told me that Jack's higher antibody level could be the result of a bad test, a margin of error that is insignificant, or a loosening of the antibodies from the nerves. Said it is not Jack producing his own, and that he wouldn't even have the ability to do that. I guess babies don't generate their own antibodies with this disease? I don't know, but he ruled that possibility out. Not that we really think that is a possibility anyways. Told me that the most important thing is the improvement seen in the babies themselves and not the number of antibodies that remain. Essentially he said be patient and don't be alarmed, long road etc...

Riley gained 2 ounces last night. Must have been the 41 cc the little oinker took down. I don't know if Jack gained weight yesterday or not.

Tonight is the Boston Spaceships, so I will be at the Grog tonight. Getting pumped for that one.

Family Tree, TV on the Radio

Boston Spaceships (even though I already posted this video)

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