Thursday, September 18, 2008

Love Lockdown

Hey. Jack and Riley both had good days. Riley is bottle feeding increasingly well, though she didn't break any of her records today. Jack took 12 cc today, which is a lot for him. Jack's Mestonin was reduced to 2.5 mg every 4 hours, down from 5 mg every 4 hours. Hopefully this will still give Jack the benefit of the medication without as much of the secretion building side effect. They both continued to enjoy their new temporary homes. Overall a good day.

The Kraft family is currently on name watch for the newest baby. Still no name yet for the little girl, but my brother told me it will be coming soon.

Oh yeah, they are now officially the oldest babies in the NICU. Yay them. And did I mention that one of the nurses told us we deserve a medal? Yay us. Lame...

Love Lockdown, Kanye

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