Monday, September 1, 2008

New Post

Here are some videos from today. Rachael and I had a really good time hanging with the kids. Sadly, we are getting very comfortable at the hospital. We certainly have set up a little area for ourselves. We have also found ourselves spending more time there than before. We feel best being with our kids. They both did very well today, minus the digestion issues. It is always something.

Riley (She doesn't really change colors, but the video does kind of remind me of Willie Wonka)


Jack II

A little while back I asked a friend of mine at work if he could name two bands that came out of the Cleveland band Rocket from the Tombs. I was on a Pere Ubu kick at the time and had been a Dead Boys fan for a while. Anyways, I was shocked to find out that he answered the question correctly. The two bands being Pere Ubu and the Dead Boys. I paid him mad respect.

So here is one from a great Cleveland export. The Dead Boys. They are a far cry from the Jonas Brothers. They also put late seventies British Punk to shame. Sex Pistols? Come on. So Stiv (singer) is all showmanship. Just watch the video. I mean, who doesn't want to pin meat to their chest, blow snot into it, and eat the snot/meat sandwich in front of a crowd at CBGB's? Sadly Stiv got hit by a bus later in life in Paris and is no longer with us (shocker).

Just hope I don't start posting GG Allin videos on this site. Now that would be totally inappropriate, but really funny.

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