Saturday, September 13, 2008

Just the Two of Us

Hey, here is one photo from tonight's photo blitz. A lot of the photos I have are out of focus (as is the one posted) and aren't that great. I will try and post the scraps tomorrow.

Today was a good day. By good day I mean no steps back. I just spoke with our nurse for the night and Jack almost gained an ounce. Riley hasn't been weighed yet for the night because she is busy sleeping. Ohhh butterball, probably too fat to breathe.

In other news, Rachael and I are now confident that the babies will be home within 8 weeks. Optimism.


Jennifer C said...

LOVE that picture. Riley has a double chin!

Holly GoLightly said...

They are too CUTE!!!!

kim said...

Riley is going to wollup you if you call her a butterball! But they are too freakin' cute.

kim said...

By the way... I want Tony and Carter to be Dr. Evil and mini me for halloween (because Carter is ridiculously Tony's clone!) I love that Austin Powers Clip!!!!