Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's Called Gratitude

Sorry I had to subject everyone to today's post. I try to keep this blog as positive as possible, but today was too much. It would take much better a writer than me to detail the experience. What makes it that much harder is seeing my little man in such cute clothes following such trauma. It is quite the juxtaposition (I hope I'm using that word correctly). I'm going to leave today alone.

Rachael and I were back in tonight. The fight goes on. We will work with these two and give them every ounce of love we can to help them get better. This, as many of you know, takes advocacy, positive thought, and consistency. This is what we plan to do. Of course it is, and of course it will be. What is not lost on us is how grateful we are even in the bad times. Well, it may be a little lost at times, but we realize there is a balance to the negative, and that is an absolute positive.

Jack and Riley are going through a lot right now, and we can only hope they will get better someday soon.

For all of you who read this blog, we are very thankful for your prayers and support. Today's bad news was tempered with some very good news in the NICU. Our NICU friends had their two little girls go home today.

Our babies will have their day too.

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Liza B said...

We are praying constantly for them and for you too. And since you are a pretty avid music lover I heard a new song by Sara Groves, "It Might be Hope", I can't help and get teary eyed and I think of Little Jack and Riley. I hope it moves you as well(I'm pretty sure you can find it online). All of our love,
Liza and fam