Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day 44 (Who's Counting?)

This morning was without drama. Jack and Riley were both without dings. Of course nothing has changed either. We stopped looking for change a long time ago on a per visit basis. Just wanted to post something on here following yesterday's setback. By the time these two make it home we will have aged a thousand years. We have really placed all time expectations on a back burner for now. Who knows when it will be.

For the sanity portion of this blog, the portion where I can focus on something non-baby related and normal. I downloaded google's new browser the other day, chrome, and think I will stick with Firefox. I'm just not feeling Chrome that much, I really don't like it at all.

A lot of times I will use song names as titles, but I thought that Scar Tissue would maybe sound more like a medical issue rather than a song I have always liked. This song reminds me a lot of moving to Montana with Rachael. Same time period. Played it a lot on the drive out. 1999.

Scar Tissue

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