Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday, Monday...

Jack and Riley gained some weight yesterday. We don't know what their status is for today. We are now bottle feeding Jack once a day. He took down a very small amount, but it is essentially the first time he has been exposed to it. We are now bottle feeding Riley three times a day. Unfortunately she isn't very hungry considering she is always on the drip feed. She may need some more motivation. Jack seems to be coughing a little bit more which is good. Jack also increases his cry strength each day. This is also good. Everything is pretty much the same. I guess this is good in the sense that they are maintaining ground as opposed to losing. Riley is going through round II of bottom breakdown. This sucks, but is relatively a minor problem considering everything else they are going through. Still, I wonder how a baby gets to the point skin breakdown when they are in a NICU. Kind of pisses us off actually.

Jack was sad when he heard the Browns lost. I was sad to tell him. Get used to it buddy, it is the life of a Cleveland sports fan.

I don't even like this song, but it is in my head and it is the title of the post.

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