Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Born Under Punches

Jack remained good today. He had no beeps both times we were there. We will take the good days when we can get them. Sometimes they are few and far between. Riley did nothing new, bottle fed two times, but still only about 10-15 cc each time. Long way to go. Riley has developed a lot of head control. She can hold her head upright without much support, if any, and moves her head around a lot. Exciting, I know.

I was listening to Remain in Light tonight while holding Riley and realized Born Under Punches is kind of like a theme song for them. Not really, but you catch my drift? whatever that means...

"Take a look at these hands! Take a look at these hands! All I want, is to breathe. I'm too thin."

"Never seen anything like that before..."

Born Under Punches

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