Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm Waiting For My Man...


Riley (Young Empress)



I thought about calling this entry "good times bad times," but it dawned on me that I would rather name it after a song where the "hero" wants to score heroin. And you didn't think I could mesh junkie lifestyle with 'baby trying to break out of NICU prison?' Well, I guess I can. Maybe. The point being here, I'm waiting for my man Jack to kick ass and get the hell out of dodge. Come on little dude, time is wasting. Too many pretty nurses at the NICU?

As my last post confirmed, Jack had a brief stint off the cannula. Well, that idea crashed. When we came to visit him tonight he was back on his nose candy. This little dude is hooked. He was crashing and burning all night. It really sucked. The good news though is that Rachael and I just checked in with Nurse Sheila and he was doing good. No dings.

Riley, on the other hand, is getting ready for her jailbreak. I can finally see the end of the tunnel for Miss Thang. I give her about two more weeks. I think she is making the push to come home. It will suck bringing one home and stranding another, but it is the most likely scenario we are facing at the moment.

Here are some photos from tonight's visit (above). As you can see, they have their formal wear on for Grandpa Kraft's visit. It was nice to see them in different clothes. Nice actually isn't the word. Maybe I won't even assign a word for an emotion I can't describe. That will be best.

Velvet Underground, I'm waiting for my man (get better soon little man)

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Liza B said...

They are looking so good, and I actually think that Riley looks like Rachel. They are beautiful and I am keeping them in my prayers.