Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground

Jack was back to his dings today. He settled down though after a deep suctioning. It is frustrating that some nurses don't understand that they need to really go down his throat sometimes to get the mucus. And somehow we still get a nurse once in a while that we don't know. Like today, the nurse needed to check our wristbands (this is done to verify you are the parents). Lady, I haven't had my wristband for weeks. I began to tell her, why don't you ask anyone here, we are their parents. Oh yeah, I have nothing better to do but chill out with some random sick babies. That really makes my day. Just like hanging out in your dumb f*&^ing NICU really makes my day. Stupid. The nurse was nice though, and is likely taking great care of our babies as I write this.

Seeing other people get bad news really sucks too, there was more of that today. Lame.

Another issue that Jack has had lately is an inability to digest his food properly. This has been an issue lately that will hopefully not signify anything too troublesome. Riley has had this problem a little bit, but like all things in life for these two, she has it to a smaller degree.

Riley took 25 cc today. That was good. This song is good too.

On a total side note, people that think the White Stripes would be a better band without Meg are really missing the point. Do you think the Beatles would be a better band with John Bonham as their drummer? No, right? Simplicity is why it works. I guess I have never understood the Meg haters out there.

White Stripes

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Jennifer C said...

I totally agree about Meg. Her simplicity lets Jack (White) take up all the room he needs. Besides, he has another band with a better drummer. But is the music better? Thanks for the tree picture, oh how I miss them.