Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Long Way Home

Talked to the doctor today. She thinks that based on the levels of antibodies in Jack's blood that it will clear out in 8 weeks from now. That is based on some formula that I don't know anything about. Obviously Riley will be all clear sooner than that. She will likely be free from the antibodies in about 2 weeks or so if the doctor's estimates are correct. So Jack has a long way to go, no surprises there, and probably won't be able to leave the NICU for a few more months. If he does get better while the antibodies are still in his blood, then of course he can come home sooner. Although it seems like a long time, we are just very grateful that they have come this far and we know what they are dealing with. We are also very grateful that what they have is transient. We have to keep these things in perspective.

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Holly GoLightly said...

Hey guys. So glad to hear that it is transient. They will be home before you know it, even though it doesnt feel that way. Kaeep hanging in there guys!! You are doing great!! Hugs to all!!