Friday, August 22, 2008

You Say It's Your Birthday...

Jack and Riley are one month old today. I guess you consider these "special days" "birthdays" this early in the game. Little month-days. I think it is kind of lame, but what do I know.

In other "news," check out the new poll (right below the Jack and Riley banner) I added asking you to settle a long running debate between Rachael and I. Who does Riley resemble? We all have different theories on this one, but sharing them would influence your vote.

Here are some good Riley photos from the archive to help you decide.

Riley 8/20/08

Riley 8/20/08

More Riley 8/20/08

Sixteen Candles Scene

1 comment:

Liza B said...

Riley is so adorable I just want to hold and snuggle her. It makes me miss the days when Aurelia was that small. Jane was never that small. Still praying for you all that they have a speedy recovery and that they will be able to check out of the NICU soon. Love you all.