Monday, August 25, 2008

Don't Stop Believing

We got the antibodies test back today from the Mayo Clinic. Apparently Jack and Riley aren't making their own MG related antibodies, as we expected. Also, Jack has more of the antibodies in his blood. He has about 3.5 times more than Riley, which makes sense since he has more severe symptoms. So the good news is that we know what is wrong with them, the bad news is that they were given a very healthy dose of the antibodies so they are more impacted than the average neonatal MG case. Also, I expect it will take a little longer for the antibodies to clear out and for them to get better considering the high levels of antibodies. Quite honestly we are just VERY fortunate that they weren't born with even higher levels, because this blog would likely not exist. So hopefully no long term issues associated with their rough start, and someday they will get out of that place.

One other part about the NICU that sucks is overhearing parents get bad news about their kids. We heard a little bit of that today. Sucks.

Riley barfed on me today. Highlight.

So, I love Journey as much as the next guy. So what the hell... I couldn't find the rollerskating scene from Monster in English, so this one will have to do. Mucho Gusto!




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Margaret said...

Glad to hear about the Mayo Clinic results! Mark and I are thinking about you all the time. But we're very disappointed that "Angel" wasn't one of the selections for who Riley looks like. She's going to be all sweetness.