Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sprout and the Bean

I'm back from the football game. Bummer. My friend and I went to the game, watched a few plays, drank a beer, got rained on, left, and watched the remaining half from the Harbor Inn. A Cleveland institution. Someday I will tell you how I was thrown out of there with fists of furry on new years night years back. Remember that Margaret? Mark? That was a fun night. Good times.

I got the p.m. report from Rachael. Apparently it was mixed news. Jack was back to his old business and having some problems. Sucks. What a crash course in parenting. Work in progress. That is our mantra. Can you really think of any other?

A ways back I thought of this song as a great introduction to Jack and Riley. Of course, they have been introduced already. At least to their isoletes, and the fact they haven't been introduced to their home has been slowly, but surely, gnawing on my happy face... Anyways, I know that I posted a few songs of Joanna Newsom a while back, like anyone is keeping track, but she truly is tip top. And tip top is the highest you can get. Feel free to let me know how much you hate her (Doug), but the first time I heard Milk Eyed Mender was only equivalent to the first time hearing Box of Rain, OK Computer, and Aeropolane Over the Sea.

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Margaret said...

Um, I don't know what you're talking about. I've never heard of the Harbor Inn nor the Russian mafia.