Sunday, August 24, 2008

Outside Now

Jack (maybe someday buddy, but not yet)

Jack is a little better today. They increased the pressure on his nasal cannula which seems to be helping a little. He only had one "spell" while we were there and apparently that was his first in about 6 hours. It wasn't that bad of a spell either. We don't really know what to think about last night's episode, other than we hope he gets better. He has had quite a bumpy first month of his life. I can't say that I'm not getting a little bitter about it all.

There are three videos I would like to post here, count them, three. The first is from one of my favorite movies (everything is a favorite of mine) and this scene completely summarizes how we have felt this past month. I have found myself repeatedly saying to myself "our pet's heads are falling off!"

The other video is from none other but Mr. Frank Zappa (R.I.P) The quality sucks, which is lame, but the song is great, even if it's subject matter may offend the weaker stomachs in the bunch. I like to think this song plays through their little heads.

Frank Zappa, Outside Now

Finally, a few weeks ago I posted about how some songs are used for totally inappropriate circumstances. I mentioned Born in the USA as a perfect example of this phenomenon. Well, as it turns out I just read this song was blasted after the "redeem team" won the gold. What a bunch of idiots. I mean really...I wouldn't expect any different though. We just won the Gold! Born in the USA time! Crank it!

Born in the U.S.A

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