Friday, August 1, 2008

New Photos...

Jack (yesterday)

Riley August 1st

Riley August 1st

Rachael Looking at Jack

I just got back from the NICU today. I had to go alone because Rachael has a fever and is not allowed in the NICU. The babies were doing okay today. Not much to report in their progress, but hopefully that will change for the better someday soon. Riley is still working on her feeding. Jack is still working on his feeding and breathing. They will get it together one of these days.

Maybe I will get some photos on here tonight of Jack from my night visit.

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HollyGoLightly said...

Hey there guys. They are just too cute!! You must be so proud of them! Dont forget what I told you the other night....keep positive guys, they are looking great and every day they will be cathcing up more and more. It will take time, and I know how bad you just want them home, but they will get there soon and then one day you will look at them and go remember when. Lord knows I do that every time I look at Brogen and think of all that he went through. Kids are tougher than we realize. I know you must be so tired, and I hope you feel better soon Rach. Please take us up on our offer soon. Sleep well guys....tomorrow is a new day. Love you all!!